icon A new kind of smart gardening app!

Tag and organize your own plants, smart tag using NFC to quickly access plant info, keep track of planting, watering and fertilizing schedule, add your own notes and photos!

icon Smart tag your plants!

Create your own NFC Smart tag using NFC 213, NFC 214, NFC 215 or NFC 216 tags or tag using QR code. Access plant info by bringing your phone near the prepared tag or scan QR code using camera

icon Planting schedule, events and reminders

Customize planting schedule to suit your micro climate, add adhoc events, and add reminders.

icon Discover new plants

Discover new plants from thousands of plants from our plant library. Additional contents are being added regularly.

icon Tags, photos, notes, plant labels and more!

Organize plants by tagging them, add your own photos, notes. Scanned text are organized for each plant or organize under a new plant

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